Why Timber & Stones?

We love the beauty so much in wood from it's unique wood grain to its various colors from light to dark rich tones. The contrast between wood beads and stone is the epitome of natural beauty. It doesn't get anymore close to nature than the two paired together. Which has become the inspiration of Timber & Stones from the very start.

There's no end to creativity using various types of wood and stones in our jewelry, which is why we continue to release new designs regularly. We aim to satisfy all styles from a simple, less is more look to boho chic and natural elegant. Most of our designs are meant to be worn casually throughout the year or easily dressed up for any special occasion.

All of our jewelry is fair trade and cruelty free. All wood, stones and additional materials in the jewelry is vegan unless otherwise stated but cruelty free nonetheless. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime!